Medical, Dental & Vision Benefits

Choosing effective, sustainable health insurance coverage for your business helps build a solid foundation for balancing costs and prioritizing care for your employees.

James G Parker can provide a wide range of group health insurance plans for large and small businesses, focusing on offering a better experience for employers and employees alike.

Medical Insurance

As the most popular and expensive offering, health insurance is the centerpiece of any benefits package. Medical plans vary widely in coverage, premiums, and care management features. Employers may offer only one plan design but commonly offer multiple options. For example, a business may offer an HMO, a PPO, and a high-deductible HSA-qualified option. Depending on your company’s size and workforce demographics, some health plans may meet your needs better than others. Understanding your options, the plans available, and the laws for employers about health insurance requirements is vital to protecting your employees and your business. The licensed employee benefits professionals from James G Parker Insurance Associates can help you choose the right plan at the right price. 

Dental Insurance

Dental coverage is another widely available employee benefit. Increasingly, employees seek organizations offering dental coverage when seeking a new position. Dental benefits can range from coverage for cleanings and preventive care to major dental reconstruction and orthodontia. The differences in services covered along with the provider network, plan maximums, and the amount covered per procedure impact the overall premium for these plans.

Vision Insurance

Vision coverage has become a standard offering among employers over recent decades. While these plans have less variation than medical and dental plans, they can still be highly customizable to a business’ budget by changing the provider network or removing coverage for big-ticket items like LASIK.

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Each client has unique and pressing needs. We offer broad coverage that can ensure your success. Our representatives can inform you of the tools you need to succeed.

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