Parcel Delivery

Your parcel delivery drivers are a crucial part of your business, but they face lots of risks while on the road. Delivery vehicles can break down, accidents happen, and weather delays are a common challenge in many parts of the country. Rain, ice, sleet, and snow can and do cause issues for delivery drivers every day.

Plus, you may be responsible for late, damaged, or misdirected parcels. Nonetheless, having the right insurance coverage in place makes all the difference for your parcel delivery or courier business.

Learn more about what can go wrong with parcel delivery and how we can help you insure your drivers and company from these risks.

Parcel Delivery Companies Are Responsible For Many Risks  

Some of the risks your parcel delivery drivers could be liable for include:

  • Damaged Packages: Things get damaged at times, and it may not be because of mishandling or rough treatment by the delivery driver. But that does not mean the parcel delivery company is not held responsible for the damaged goods delivered to the customer.
  • Late Deliveries: Sometimes deliveries are late, and the parcel delivery company can be responsible for the damages caused by the late arrival of the package. If others are depending on the product arriving on time, the delay can be costly to the customer. In turn, those costs could be passed on to you as the person responsible for the delay in delivery. Not meeting the delivery terms of your contract can be a serious problem.
  • Incorrect Deliveries: When deliveries are sent to the wrong address – whether from a typographical error, GPS mistake, or driver error – the parcel delivery company can be responsible for the mistake.

Courier Business Insurance Can Help Protect Your Parcel Delivery Business

The good news is purchasing insurance to help protect your business from these parcel delivery risks is possible. Courier business insurance can help provide coverage for these risks and more.

  • Commercial General Liability: Your commercial general liability policy is your first line of defense for liability and property damage claims. We will help you review your policy to determine any gaps for common parcel delivery risks.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Commercial auto insurance coverage may be the right option for your business. This coverage helps provide coverage when your drivers are involved in accidents in company-owned vehicles. Commercial auto policies provide property and liability coverage. Business auto policies often provide basic coverage and then add on additional coverage by endorsement.
  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance: If you or your employees use their personal autos for business purposes, like delivery parcels, they can be covered under a hired and non-owned auto policy. Make sure to mention this potential exposure to your agent or broker if you allow employees to drive personal vehicles for business reasons.

Let us review your risks and current coverage with you to identify any gaps and fill them with appropriate coverage for your parcel delivery business.

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