Owning a manufacturing business is challenging. Whether you are a large global manufacturer or a small family-owned manufacturer making local or regional products, you face challenges every day that include ensuring your plant is adequately protected with the correct amount of insurance. 

We offer insurance products for manufacturers of:

  • Apparel
  • Auto Parts
  • Aviation Products
  • Box/Paperboard
  • Cabinets
  • Clothing
  • Computer
  • Construction Equipment
  • Cosmetics
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Electroplating
  • Farm Equipment
  • Foundry
  • Glass
  • Lumber & Wood Products
  • Machine Shops
  • Mattress & Box Springs
  • Metal Products
  • Ornamental Metalwork
  • Paper & Allied Products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastics
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Pulp & Paper Mills
  • Rubber & Rubber Products
  • Rugs
  • Shoes
  • Textile
  • Tool & Die Shop
  • Trailers

No matter what size of manufacturing business you own, you need protection against many types of losses. Those in the manufacturing business need specific commercial property insurance and general liability insurance that protect the unique risks involved in operating a manufacturing business.

Manufacturers face numerous and potentially severe environmental risks, whether stemming from their facility operations, their products, their services, their waste disposal practices, or even their over-the-road exposures. Because they can be held liable for damages resulting from any of these sources, a thorough risk mitigation program cannot be considered complete without pollution coverage for these insureds in place as a key risk transfer mechanism.

Recommended Insurance Coverages for Manufacturing Businesses: 

  • Commercial Property: This is a type of insurance policy that protects your business from financial losses, including income loss if a covered peril damages your building or contents
  • Equipment Breakdown: This provides coverage for physical damage to equipment and the loss of income associated with the breakdown
  • Workers' Compensation: Workers' compensation provides benefits to a worker who gets sick or injured on the job
  • Inland Marine: Inland marine insurance covers products delivered on roads or via rail
  • Ocean Marine: Ocean marine insurance covers products transported by sea
  • General Liability: General liability insurance covers physical and property damage to others as the result of negligence 
  • Commercial Auto: Business-owned vehicles get covered for physical damage and or liability
  • Umbrella Liability: This covers bodily injuries and property damage on top of the limits of underlying liability policies and may drop down to respond to claims not covered on the underlying policies
  • Product Recall: Pays for expenses related to recalling a product once it has been released to consumers


  • Property including Commercial Output Program (COP) and Enhanced ISO property 
  • Enhanced ISO Commercial General Liability / Products Liability
  • Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability (including excess WC)
  • Enhanced ISO Business Automobile
  • Excess/Umbrella
  • Commercial Package - GL, Property, Inland Marine and Crime
  • Equipment Breakdown/Boiler & Machinery
  • Cyber Risk and Privacy Insurance
  • Inland Marine
  • Ocean Cargo 
  • Product Recall
Protect Your Business

Program structure can be traditional guaranteed cost or loss-sensitive, deductibles, SIR, and retrospective rating plans. To learn more about the commercial insurance that is right for your manufacturing business, contact one of our agents at James G Parker Insurance Associates at (800) 266-7721.

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